Marks-Based Examinations: Should it Be Eliminated?

Opinions pour in from different corners about the efficiency and effectiveness of marks-based examinations. But no matter which side the support is heavier on, it remains true that this conventional method is yet to see a perfect substitute. So, total elimination is hardly an option now, yet no one can stop its improvisation. Just like the top school in Sonepat employs in their curriculum, where marks-based examinations have equal prominence along with other forms of assessments that portray a clearer picture of the overall student’s performance.

Then, marks-based examinations should continue?

Until the entire world finds another globally-accepted form of assessment, it must continue. Marks help to quantify a student’s knowledge and aptitude. Although it may not be that much transparent, this is the only method the world currently has. The graduation system that is prevalent also works as long as the students and the teachers continue to get the necessary feedback about the progress that the class has made. Low marks do have a lot of negative effects associated with it, but it also shows that a student needs to work harder, improve on certain areas or simply that a subject is not meant for him/her.

What should be done to curb the negative impacts?

The entire concept of marks-based examinations is questioned in the first place is due to its negative impacts.

  1. It is not a full-proof method to judge a student’s learning rate or knowledge.
  2. It does not take into account activity or skill development.
  3. It often harms a student’s self-esteem by creating segregation.
  4. It makes the whole educational experience quite hectic and stressful.

But isn’t it true that any other method which has the potential of replacing marks-based examinations may also have a similar set of negative impacts? Thus, the best school in Sonepat will always deal with the issue from a tactical standpoint and, without looking for a substitute, try to view the system from a different angle.

  1. Reduce the current emphasis on marks-based education.
  2. Include other activities in the overall gradation system.
  3. Treat the marks obtained only as a feedback mechanism and provide support to both the performing and struggling students.
  4. Create an ambiance where examinations are stress-free and seen as a part and parcel of education.

All these can be seen as an improvement to the existing system. Slowly doing away with the negative sides and preserving the positive impacts. Examinations help to keep the students on their toes. Work hard and strive for better. But when the importance becomes one-directional and all the energy is spent only behind exams, that is when things start to become toxic. That is when the schools must intervene and show its students the bigger picture.

How to be a part of this new and better method?

By selecting a school for your child that recognizes and implements modern methods. The acceptance that a close-minded focus towards marks-based examinations is never the solution to improve a student’s performance. Neither does it show a great picture of the school where knowledge is not a priority. Check for schools who:

  1. Emphasizes on building curiosity among students by providing them with a diverse set of resources.
  2. Has modern infrastructure that not only enhances the current curriculum but also teaches for the future.
  3. Possesses international standard facilities for extra-curricular activities and encourages every student to participate in them.
  4. Has provision for remedial classes for all students – giving greater exposure to the performers and one-to-one sessions to the pupil lagging behind.

No matter in which direction the entire education system currently moves in, the time has come to shift the focus on to knowledge and learning again which somewhat went missing in between. The top schools in Sonepat will never make education profession-based. Only with the right knowledge foundation can student ultimately succeed and move forward to their desired destination in the perfect way. Schools play a vital role in treating the marks-based examination in its true sense and hence, the accurate selection of the right institute is always primary.

Conclusion – Total elimination is not the solution

But taking it along in the journey is the correct way. Swarnprastha Public School is one of those few schools where marks-based examination gets its deserved recognition. The emphasis is there, but other activities and evaluation parameters also get importance. Students of SPS are always motivated to learn, which is their secret to performance, and at no point does education become stressful in this institute. Just because something has a few aspects wrong does not mean that the whole system is corrupted. Marks-based examinations, in the same way, needs a separate viewpoint to actually work in its intended way.

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