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How to Make the Most of School Counselling Sessions?

The psychology department of the Top Schools of Sonipat exists to ease out the emotional toll that education might have on students. The world has become so fast-paced and the expectations surrounding students have become so overwhelming that it is only human for a few students to cave in and crumble under the building pressure. More often than not, it is their inner self that creates negative thoughts. At other times, the surroundings do no good to their spirits. Such students need emotional and psychological support and that is what school counselling sessions are all about. Till now, the mental health issues of students hardly received any prominence in educational centers. But times have changed now and good schools do take note of this factor.

However, help is not a one-way process. It can only be effective if the students concerned respond equally to the aid with the full support of their parents. School counsellors can only do as much. The loop only gets completed when the students seeking help do their bits as well. in view of this, here a few ways in which you can enable your child to make the most of his/her school counselling sessions. Your role as a parent is to stand firm in support and guide your child through the difficult phase.

  1. Fully understand what the counselling is all about

The psychology specialists in the top 10 best school in Sonipat help students on a variety of grounds. Your child may be suffering from a learning disability. Or he/she is frequently disrupting the class. Maybe there was a disagreement with another student or it can simply be about career choices. Being oblivious to the fact as to why your child is taking the sessions is not going to benefit the student at all. You may unknowingly undo the entire work of the counselling session by guiding your child in a wrong manner. Thus, the very first step for you is to sit with the school counsellor and understand what the counselling is all about. Clear your queries and comprehend your child’s difficulties.

  1. Participate equally with the school counsellor

As parents, you will always have a lot to do when it comes to supporting your struggling child. You do not have to be an expert in child psychology but you can always make simple changes around your child. If your child is indeed suffering from a learning disability, all you can do is stay patient. If your child is disrupting the class, try talking to him/her instead of scolding and dealing in a strict manner. You need to participate equally with the counsellor at school, work as a team with the expert, and do every bit that you can as a parent. Your participation will only increase your child’s rate of improvement as he/she will understand that you are also trying to help and are not disappointed.

  1. Make the counselling exercises a priority at home

Think about a typical school assignment. The teacher sets the task for home so that the students remain engaged in their studies, constantly improve at it, learn the subjects by themselves, and move forward in the intended course. When the students go to school without completing the assignment, the academic flow is disrupted and the children at fault stay behind as compared to the ones who managed to do their homework. A similar principle works with counselling sessions as well. For progress, the counsellor may often set a few activities and exercises for home. You must take note of these and give them an equal priority as the next session will not hold value if the tasks remain incomplete.

  1. Help your child feel comfortable about counselling

The top CBSE schools in Sonepat are particular about this parameter and do their best to involve the parents to help students feel comfortable about counselling. It is natural that the student going for the session may feel singled out. This can turn into self-deprecating thoughts and a negative mindset. Along with the teachers and the counsellors, you must also talk to your child to normalize the process and make him/her understand that taking help only reduces the struggle. Motivate your child to take the sessions. Show your appreciation for all the hard work that he/she is doing. Once the student feels comfortable, he/she will automatically respond to the sessions.

The psychology department in the Swarnprastha Public School is an essential wing of the institute which guides its students and parents through the difficulties at hand.SPS counsellors not only help the children with their parents, but their expertise is available to the parents as well to ensure that the process is effective. So, lend your support as much as possible. Empathize with your child. Struggles are natural parts of lives and they become easy to deal with when proper help is available to the students.


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