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How to Boost Students’ Confidence in Class?

Confidence is a skill that must exist in a delicate balance. However, in a typical classroom, it hardly ever does. As a teacher, you will often find students who are either overconfident or underconfident and as it is widely known, both are destructive in their own ways. Even parents face a similar dilemma with their children as the right amount of confidence seldom comes naturally to students. Thus, the responsibility is naturally on the adults around to supervise and mentor these young minds to either escalate their levels of confidence or bring them down to appropriate limits. Here are a few ways by which you can boost confidence in classes (and in homes)and inculcate the skill in the perfect amount among the growing students.

  1. Help the children identify their strengths

This is the primary step that any top 10 school in Sonepat will follow. Growing up, children to tend to learn from experiences and by comparisons and they only set those people as their benchmark who are better than them. This is a natural tendency of human evolution and is often, the source of under-confidence. If students continuously feel that others are always better than them, they will obviously lack self-appreciation and this will lead to other complications. Hence, the cornerstone of building confidence is helping them to identify their own unique strengths and to only draw inspiration from others around for improvement.

  1. Teach that confidence is also about recognizing weaknesses

A confident student will almost always know what he/she is good at. But this same student will also have the capability to identify his/her shortcomings and seek help in those areas. Overconfident students neglect this second aspect of confidence. They feel that they can achieve almost anything, no matter how inhumane the task maybe. Although the thought process may seem ambitious, such a mindset often leads to pressure-inducing repercussions which are the main causes of stress and anxiety among students. Knowing one’s limit is also a form of confidence.

  1. Follow the sandwich method of appreciation and criticism

As evident, too much appreciation can lead to overconfidence among students while only criticisms will naturally lead to under-confidence. They, too, must exist in a delicate balance to build just the right amount of confidence among students. Here, you can apply the sandwich method of appreciation and criticism which the top school in Sonepat utilizes to create the perfect mix of good and bad feedback. Start by showing the student a positive action that he/she may have carried out, follow this up by pointing out a mistake, and then state another positive act immediately after almost as to tone down the negative feedback’s effect.

  1. Provide the platform to practice

There can be a variety of areas where you may want your students to build their confidence. And along with coaching them through the process, you must provide the platform to practice the skill as well. For instance, if a student feels underconfident while speaking in public, you cannot merely build his/her confidence by teaching him/her ways to calm the nerves. The student needs to speak in public as well, make his/her share of mistakes, speak again to rectify them and become better in the process. Practice will indeed drive the student to perfection and perfection will gradually nurture confidence. At its peak, the student will become a master orator.

  1. Know where to stop your guidance

Confidence is closely entangled to independence and the top school in the Sonepat school list visibly acknowledges that. In such institutions, you will seldom find teachers guiding their students always. In fact, they know the level of the students and limit themselves at times to give the children their deserved autonomy. Continuing with the public speaking example, not always do you have to show the student how to pause better in between the sentences or how to frame a valuable content. Initially, your indulgence should me more but it must fade as time passes by. At times, the student needs to feel independent to make his/her own decisions which will automatically raise the levels of confidence.

And it is through these efficient methods that Swarnprastha Public School maintains the right amount of confidence in its classrooms. Students understand their place in terms of skills. The teachers mentor and guide them to a perfect extent. The air of confidence that SPS has in its classrooms is visible through its regular performance in all areas and students go about their activities in a constructive manner. Confidence comes from nurturing. It requires both close and far-away supervision. Equip your students and children with the greatest skill of them all and see them shine in their own unique ways.


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