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Boarding Schools

The hostels of a boarding school are literally going to be your children’s second home. That is where they will live and breathe and spend time with their peers after school. No compromises are allowed here, nothing but the best should be in place. As a parent, you deserve to be critical about a school’s hostel and must look into every nook and cranny during your pre-admission visit. The top 5 school in Sonepat will maintain a boarding facility that is at par to the international schools and you should keep an eye out for such hostel standards.

This post will give you a brief overview of the same. How should a hostel in a modern-day boarding school look like? Consider this as your checklist against which you can evaluate a school and move forward to make the ultimate decision. A school may have more facilities than the ones mentioned here, but the following are the absolute necessities.

  1. Physical space in the hostels must be adequate

The expanse should be massive. The rooms, corridors or the dining area, nothing can be cramped up. Students must have adequate breathing and living space with the freedom to move around. This parameter is obviously intuition-based and you must judge how much physical space is enough for your child based on your instinct. However, a rule of thumb dictates that the rooms cannot house more than four students and if it does, the space must be hall-like in nature. You can also decide on the corridor and dining area in the same way.

  1. Cleanliness and hygiene should be a priority

Request a visit to the hostel’s kitchen and washrooms and inspect every detail in person. These places must be shining clean and there should be a regular catalogue keeping a record of the same. Check the number of personnel employed for the cleaning duty. Look into the dining area’s storage and washing facilities. The best school in Sonepat will always maintain cleanliness and hygiene as their top priority and you will never find a single spec of dirt at such places. At times, the hostels might just be cleaner than your own house.

  1. Supervision will be there close at hand

School dorms are naturally very different from the college ones. Here, an all-day surveillance system must be present at all the necessary places and guardians should be available close at hand. You can expect CCTV cameras installed in the hostel premises. The warden must remain vigilant as well. Many schools build their teacher’s living quarters close to the students’ one so that help is always available. Inspect how well will your child be supervised while living in the boarding school and how long will it take for assistance to arrive.

  1. All auxiliary facilities must be in order

The presence of auxiliary facilities also decides the quality of life your child will have within the school campus. The most important being the medical amenities. The top CBSE schools in Sonepatwill have a full-time functioning clinic within the premises with all the necessary infrastructure or will have a tie-up with a nearby hospital to be on call always. There must also be a rich common room, a hostel library, indoor sports facilities and so on. All these combine to make living in school fun and exciting.

  1. Strict hostel rules must be enforced

A school hostel must have specific timings for the lights to go out, the closing of the main gate, dining time, usage of telephones, etc. Such rules will enforce the discipline that you want your child to have and fulfill your desire for which you are selecting a boarding school in the first place. And things cannot run in a sloppy manner. Every broken rule must come with an appropriate consequence and you should be kept in the loop all the while. Ask the hostel supervisor for the rules list. Enquire if you think something is missing.

Swarnprastha Public School has put together its boarding facility by taking into consideration all the above points. It not only ticks all the right boxes but also gives you and your child way more. There are House Parents to keep watch on the students at all times and the hostel amenities are truly unparallel. With such schools, you get your peace of mind. So, be wary when you are visiting a boarding school to inspect their campus. Ask questions freely to understand better. Make the decision only when you are completely satisfied and never forget to take your child’s opinion. The best school will never fail to impress you.


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