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In this current age of easily accessible information, there is really no right age for anyone to think about their careers. Most students are now well versed about the professional options available after education and are keen to explore those areas right from the schooling phase. Be it arts or technology, students now are more informed, start thinking about careers from a young age and if given the right exposure, can bloom into a successful individual at a very early stage.

In view of this, it becomes the responsibility of the schools to provide the necessary guidance to students who are ready to discuss their careers. There are a variety of ways in which the top schools in Sonepat are already helping the students out. Small steps can go very far to encourage a student to delve deeper into a particular avenue and be experimental at a time when the surrounding circumstances are more supportive.

Presence of full-time counsellors within the school premises

This will help the students to take up the career issue any time within the school hours. Often, a student may develop an interest in a certain field but it may remain unexplored due to lack of self-confidence, appropriate guidance or even unavailability of materials. Counsellors can help such a student with research and direct him/her in the right direction. The mentors can assist students with subject selection, priority segregation and showing them case studies of the actual world. The student may also contact a working professional in that field with the help of the counsellors.

Discussing student’s interest in parent-teachers meetings

Teachers get to know students as much as parents with time and a mutual discussion about the student’s interest can bring to light potential career options. Parent teacher’s meetings at the top schools are never only about performance and grades. Teachers actively indulge in dialogue that will help the student to explore new avenues going forward. Parents may notice a particular interest that may be fostered while the teachers can provide professional advice based on academic performance. The outcome of such meetings will always be beneficial for the student.

Having installations in school to experiment with new technology

The best school in Sonepat have dedicated labs to enable students to explore new areas and gain some hands-on experience. For instance, a student fascinated with robotics can spend time with sensors and robots in laboratories meant for the same. Similarly, they can also access the internet from the library to access media files to gain some more insight. Schools must have resources from all working fields, provide for students with varying interests and have teachers with the knowledge of such new technologies. Guidance can be complete only when it is combined with modern facilities.

Special classes for high performing students

Everyone learns at their own pace and there will always be students who remain a bit ahead in their class. Such students are likely to take to up new academic challenges and explore career options faster than their peers. Schools should have the provision for special classes where these students can explore and learn about topics that are beyond their curriculum and research into the complicacies under careful guidance. They can one to one interaction with teachers, feed their curiosity and experiment without limits to judge their career options.

Sending students to career fairs and expos

The authorities must take the initiative to take students to local career fairs and expos to give them further exposure. Schools can accept brochures and display them on notice boards and libraries. They can even organise or send students to workshops where experts speak about their first-hand experience in a particular career field. The more the students hear about the real world, the better will be their judgement. They will know whether to pursue a traditional path or go for innovation by simply interacting with the professionals at such events. Even excursions can be designed to be career oriented where students can pick up tips on what they want to become.

The best schools start early

The top 5 school in Sonepat do not wait for the students to reach a particular age. The guidance begins as and when the students are ready. Swarnprastha Public School is one such institute which takes all the above measures and many more to help students to find their right career path and follow it diligently. The faculty provides the necessary support to devise a plan, discuss all ideas and make rational decisions. Students must have the freedom to make their own choices. It is the duty of the schools to stand behind and act as a guide.


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