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Reading newspapers is probably the best habit you can develop as a student. If you make it a daily routine, the habit will go to such an extent that your day cannot start without getting hold of one. Thirty minutes of your life will be well spent daily on the activity and the habit can shape your life in some extraordinary ways. Newspapers, after all, are the cheapest form of information and you can learn way more than simply scrolling through your electronics.

If you are still wondering how reading newspapers can be so beneficial, here are a few reasons to clear your doubts. The following pointers explain why every student must develop this habit.

You learn how to Read

Not in the sense of gaining an education but forming the habit of reading. You will agree that reading a variety of articles helps you to gain more information. When you read, you absorb the information the article is portraying and the more you read, the better you know. Newspapers help boost this habit and open the scope of reading other materials.

It helps you to diversify your knowledge

Newspapers do not deal with a particular subject. Within thirty minutes, you get to know about economics, politics, sports, entertainment, history, science, medicine, technology, electronics, and so on. In fact, most schools in Sonipat and worldwide allow students to access newspapers daily through their libraries and encourage this good habit.

The best way to improve your vocabulary

Reading newspapers daily exposes you to a wide variety of words which go a long way to improving your vocabulary. Coming across a new word while reading an article creates that desire to know more about the word and help etch its meaning to your memory. This is a much better way to learn new words than sitting with a dictionary daily.

You get updated knowledge

Textbooks provide you with a specific set of knowledge. Newspapers, on the other hand, get updated daily. If economics and finance are your fields of interest, you get to read about the stock market, new policies and reforms, and much more. This daily dose of information will help you analyse the market situation and get practical examples of what are the effects of new policies on the economy.

Your reasoning skills improve and you become more rational

Newspapers often deal with debatable topics and an unbiased paper will present all angles of a sensitive story. Reading such a piece will help you to analyse a situation, reason with the facts and make rational decisions. This will bring in maturity in you and help develop your reasoning skills. You will be able to make your own decisions and not get easily swayed by other’s opinions.

It will also improve your speaking skills

You speak what you read. Reading good newspapers with proper sentence structures help you to speak in the same way. Plus, as you gain knowledge on a variety of topics, you can speak on anything any time. This instills confidence in a student and can help in improving his/her interpersonal skills. Good communication skills are necessary for your professional life.

Advances the hold on your language

More than practice, reading can help improve your grammar better. Apart from improving your vocabulary, newspapers also increase your hold on the English Language as you see its various aspects in use in actual articles. You learn how to use the figure of speeches, more about verbs, better use of adjectives, and so on. The best school in Sonipat like Swarnprastha always encourages this method of learning than the traditional approaches.

The habit helps you finish your assignments early

Being informed helps you to cut down on your research time. You can start writing an essay right way or quote real-life examples in your homework without flipping through your books. You can invest the saved time in other meaningful activities to develop your extra-curricular skills. It reduces the stress of assignments and helps you to meet your deadlines effectively.

Aids in making an informed career choice

Newspapers expose you to a wide variety of fields at the same time. You read about science and economics in the same time span. And whatever you read are field knowledge, the happenings of the real world. This way, as a student, you can weigh where your interest lies and what is the type of work people in those fields actually do. Newspapers give insight into the lives of a doctor, a banker, a stockbroker and even a politician. Again, a daily reading can really shape a student’s career.

To sum up

Reading newspapers help you gain general knowledge and help you stay ahead of current affairs, and more. It can also provide a breather from your class notes and textbooks. In addition, you stay away from your electronics and the virtual world a bit and get to know about the real world. So, select the best newspaper in your area and start developing this habit now. Let it shape your life and help you grow. School provides free subscription of national daily (HT) to all its students from class 3rd to 8th.

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