Unhealthy living quarters, unhygienic food, lack of proper security and improper supervision, every parameter that previously turned parents away from sending their child to boarding schools and overshadowed the benefits that came along have now successfully vanished. The entire boarding school culture has received an upgrade with the top schools in Sonepat eradicating the menaces and leaving behind just the advantages. Students are returning again to live inside the school’s campus and the lost faith is gradually being restored.

The question that now arises, are you ready to join the bandwagon? Should you be considering sending your child to a boarding school away from home? The decision is, without a doubt, a difficult one but a peek into how effectively residential schools prepare your child for the future will readily evaporate your dilemmas. Research has shown that boarding school students are more motivated, fit better into adult-life and mature early as compared to the standard day schools.

Comfort often limits growth

The bed in a modern boarding school is as comfortable as one’s home. But the emotional comfort that a student experiences at home cannot be replicated by schools. This, in fact, is good for the student. At home, parents have a nurturing impact, resources are available readily and more often than not, there is always a bit of pampering. All these works together to limit a child’s personal development. In a hostel, the tangible comfort requirements will be met but the emotional ones will be restricted. Supervision will replace pampering, hard work will remove laziness and students will have to take their own responsibility. Removing the homely comfort will actually help the students and foster their personal growth.

Continued competition leads to higher ambitions

A survey conducted by The Association of Boarding Schools in the US reported that 78% of boarding school students expressed that they drew their motivation by living with peers. Thinking logically, in a residential school campus, students are always surrounded by their study companions, teachers, seniors and others where every discussion is scholarly and ideas exchanged are of quality. Be it in the classrooms or in the dining hall, students can take inspiration, develop ambitions and find the motivation to work harder being continuously surrounded by an academic environment. When compared to a student who returns home after school, he/she loses that ambiance for at least half of the day and naturally may show decreased ambitions than a school boarder.

All around skill development

Living with peers help in developing communication skills. The doors to extra-curricular activities are open well beyond school hours. The top 5 school in Sonepat with boarding facilities are the right places to be in if you want your child to have an all-around skill development. The facilities in such schools are generally top-class with numerous choices of activities. Students have the option to take up arts, indulge in science or play a variety of sports simultaneously. As for soft skills like leadership and self-conduct, the environment of boarding schools away from home naturally bring them out as students learn to take up more responsibility from a young age. To top all this off, every session comes with a routine. So, the act of balancing academics and others do not come as a bother here.

Lastly, you have your peace of mind as parents

The reality is indeed hard for working parents. The demand of the society compels you to spend long hours at your job but then again, you also have a responsibility towards your child. Maintaining all spheres can obviously become demanding for parents where sacrificing one side may not be an option. With boarding schools, your child receives the same care and values that you would have personally provided combined with an elevated form of academic development. Boarding schools can prepare your child right and you can divert your focus on your job which is ultimately destined to building his/her future. Your life does come to a balance as you hand over your child’s academic responsibility to an expert institute.

Find the school that suits your needs

And no matter how many benefits are put in front of you, the choice is always going to be difficult. After all, sending a child away is never easy for parents. Hence, consider institutes like Swarnprastha Public School, one of the best CBSE schools in Sonepat, where the boarding facilities are flexible. There’s day boarding where your child returns home just for the night, weekdays boarding where your child will return on weekends and definitely full-boarding like most others. This way, you can get the best of both worlds without compromising on your child’s development. So, adopt the modern boarding culture, remove your skepticisms and let the best school prepare your child right.


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