Get ready to take off!

Get ready to take off!

Recently, I read this powerful story about Eagles, from the book, Even Eagles Need a Push by David McNally and found it to be too good to be shared.

Eagles are among the largest and most powerful birds in the world. They are symbols of strength, attitude, and courage. But their independence must be learned.

As young eaglets, a nest is the most comfortable space for them to feel safe and secure. However, if the eaglets are to survive on their own, they must leave the comfort of the nest and learn to fly!

Every time, in an attempt to teach them a lesson, the eaglet is pushed by the mother off the nest so that it can learn and start flying. However, when the mother sees the eaglet going crashing down, she catches it on her back and soars her upward into the sky. Repeatedly the process is done until the eaglet learns to catch the rising air currents and ride the winds. Eventually, a day comes when the eagle is ready to fly on her own.

Some eaglets that refuse to use their wings and fly surrender to the fate or die. Isn’t this our story too? When we are young our parents, elders, and teachers take care of us. They teach us, coach us and guide us on the future path of our lives. However, as soon as we are out of schools and colleges, we completely get disillusioned and lose track of our own personality. If your life is disoriented or you don’t know where are you headed, here are a few life lessons, I am sure you will find useful:

  • Remember your true self: An Eagle is always an eagle and never a Parrot. Remember who you are. Remember your school lessons. Look at your parents or elders who have been your role models. Get inspiration from the world around you. Life can be hard sometimes. Even the greatest and most powerful people have their weak moments or challenges. Remember your past moments of glory. Once you relate to your past achievements, you will be in a better position to find solutions.
  • Listen: Listen to the deep inner voice that is not clear but is always trying to say something. Listen to your failures. Listen to the critics and people who criticize you. Understand the script and language of your problems and challenges. Develop a friendship with them. A lot of answers lie not just in our mind but deep in our consciousness too.
  • Stay Hopeful: There are times when even the biggest and the most successful celebrities witness failure and go into depression. Our present is not our future. Each day is different and therefore if you are not succeeding today, don’t lose hope. Change your approach, change your strategy, change your plan, change everything that is needed and will make you a step closer to your chosen path of success.
  • Move On: A lot of people often get stuck when they face failure or a challenge. For example, if you are not good with mathematics and you are trying to crack IIT entrance examination, then you seriously need to relook at what you are trying to achieve and what you are good at. Maybe the decision to join a reputed engineering college was of your family or your peers. Don’t stay committed to anything half-hearted. Either be fully in something or move on to find out where you belong.

Vineet Tandon

Head Marketing & Strategy



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