Full-Time vs Flexible Boarding – The Better Option for Your Child

Education is a necessity, which helps in widening one’s knowledge and helps in understanding the core importance of life. This doesn’t mean just earning a degree, rather a school is that forum, which teaches a child to become disciplined and helps them mingle in a diverse group of people other than their family. But with the rising number of working parents, children are often sent to boarding school to receive adequate education and be a better human being.

With the growing nuclear families and working parents, there has also emerged a need for a day boarding or flexible boarding school. Not only in abroad but here in India, top schools in Sonepat also allows flexible boarding system, which helps a child spent time with family and as well learn the etiquettes and values of a full-boarding school.

The advantages and disadvantages of a full-time boarding school:

Staying at a full-time boarding school has both its pros and cons. At boarding school, a child receives a unique environment of studying. It helps in imparting traditional standards, which makes a child disciplined from a young age. The students who stay at a full-time boarding school join the close community of learners who respect education. Besides, these children often develop a daily routine which invokes self-discipline. They will always have the urge to follow a strict routine and perform the task without parental guidance. These children become independent, unlike other kids who depend on their parents for even simple tasks. At a full-time, boarding school students have the opportunity of learning collaboration, thereby having a better academic development. These children get an environment to study outside the classroom premises, which also aids in their unique personal and social development. Apart from these, full-time boarding school students are also skilled in co-curricular activities, unlike others.

Despite all the advantages offered by a full-time boarding school, there are cons to it. These schools are highly expensive than at any private school. At a full time, boarding school children often undergo the peril of bullying and boarding school syndrome, when they are sent to stay away from home at a very young age. Although staying at a boarding makes a child independent, but the pain of staying away from home is hard.

The Flexi boarding school

Adhering to all the pros and cons of a full-time boarding school, the education system and top 10 schools in Sonepat have leveraged the concept of a flexi boarding school. This is a popular concept with students who travel a long distance and wants to break up their traveling schedule during the week.  Flexi boarding also offers a unique way of allowing children to get the taste of staying at a boarding school, without actually staying away from home. This type of boarding system helps the students gain more co-curricular and educational opportunity during their stay at boarding. But at the weekends, students are free to visit their house and spend time with friends and family. In general, flexi boarders reside for three nights every week.  Besides, a flexi boarding school also aids the students’ prior examination as they get the time to prepare and revise their lessons with their other boarding friends at school. This provides a better learning scope for the children. This concept of boarding is as well beneficial for working parents who are unable to give adequate time to their children during weekdays or planning for a short vacation. Flexi boarding also helps children understand the pros and cons of moving away from home, thereby building the first step towards living an independent life.


Although boarding schools are an excellent way of teaching students to become independent, flexi boarding schools are also becoming increasingly popular. This is because, unlike a full-time time boarding school, flexi boarders have the opportunity to get the taste of a boarding school on weekdays and be at home with their family on weekends. This will also help parents understand whether the child is having trouble with bullying and take necessary steps. Thus, in all aspect, it is the flexi boarding school which is better for shaping a student’s future both academically and personally. Several Sonepat school lists in the top categories to provide this unique boarding system.

Swarnprastha is one of the top schools in Sonepat which provides day boarding, flexi boarding and full boarding options to students as per their requirements. The school focuses on the all-round development of the child and helps in learning valuable life skills to make them future ready.


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