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Does Your Child Have Space for Creativity in School?

Having the extra-curricular activities of the popular fine art forms along with a theatre on campus to perform them does not qualify as creativity within the school’s campus. Then again, it does not mean any less focus should be laid on fine arts as they do work to enhance creativity among students. When the term “being creative” is used in the context of the entire school, its true definition extends beyond the fine arts field. It seeps into the classrooms, the lesson plans, the freedom of students to express themselves, and the activities made available for them. The top schools in Sonepat ensure a creative environment within their campus by ticking many boxes and every aspect has a very important role to play.

What exactly is creativity?

Creativity, in the context of schools, can be defined as the way in which students are allowed to go beyond the well-known traditional norms and respond in a manner they feel comfortable. There are no hard rules. There is no specific way. Students sit on the driver’s seat to decide how they want to consume their education and have the resources to do the same. Every creative moment is filled with critical thinking and innovative ideas and the whole classroom follows that approach.

To simplify the definition, consider the example where a teacher is teaching a particular subject. Now, the traditional one-directional lecture method is rarely creative. There is hardly any space for brainstorming sessions or meaningful discussions. However, if this same topic is taught through an act or a model or simply in a question-answer format, that gives the whole picture a creative angle. Students feel engaged in such a lesson, they can express themselves in a way they want to, and above all, there is space for them to do so.

How can schools bring creativity to classrooms?

It is not rocket science for the best school in Sonepat. In fact, they follow simple strategies to make room for creative thinking among students and nurture them continuously for development. A few tactics that can be readily employed are:

  • Encouraging students to answer in their own way

Be it in the class or the examination, a good school allowing space for creativity will always encourage its students to answer a question in their own way rather them simply copying the text that is already available. Wherever there is a scope to tweak the lesson, students will have the freedom to form their own perspectives, discuss among themselves, and pitch unique solutions. Creativity sprouts from undefined boundaries.

  • Activity-based learning in laboratories

Creative minds want to build things. And a school looking to provide their students with that opportunity will have entire laboratories prepared for the same. Through model building or 3D printing, students can turn their ideas and lessons into real-life items and continuously test the validity of their thoughts. They will have ample scope to experiment, in the topic they want or the subject they prefer.

  • Creative teaching in the classrooms

Creative students need creative teachers. The same-old routine cannot create an innovative environment. Only when students see their teachers coming up with new ideas and changing their lesson plans frequently will they also feel the desire to respond in the same creative manner. Creativity takes time to take shape and the teacher with the same mindset will allow students that. Creative teachers can start the required chain reaction.

  • Solid blend of extra-curricular and education

Naturally, the best school will always lay importance on its extra-curricular activities as much as it does on education. A student’s mind needs to hop among different activities, sometimes thought-provoking and at times relaxing to come up with new ideas and approaches. Thus, a perfect blend is necessary to create the right balance. A yoga session after science class makes the student churn the ideas while meditating. Chess can come in after literature class.

Does your child have a creative space?

It is simple to find that out. All you need to do is to judge how tolerant is your child’s school to new ideas and approaches. The top 5 school in Sonepat can serve as your benchmark and Swarnprastha Public School is a leading name in this category. SPS allows complete freedom to its students to express their creative side and maintains the resources needed to thrive. The results are visible from the school’s performance across all dimensions as the students get the opportunity to nurture their creative minds. Innovation is the need of the hour. Playing by the rulebooks cannot aid in progress. Students need their space to be creative and their schools are where it must be available.




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