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The educational ambiance of top boarding schools in Sonepat is very different than that of day schools. In the latter, students leave the academic atmosphere at the end of each day. But the feel continues in boarding schools as students and teachers live inside the same campus, have similar routines and follow similar goals. Recent studies are increasingly showing that boarding school students are better ready for colleges and their careers when compared to day school pupils. The educational ambiance complements boarding school students’ academic journey and makes them success-oriented, striving and ambitious.

First, students benefit from living with peers

The Association of Boarding Schools of the United States conducted a study and concluded that 78% of boarding school students drew their academic motivation from their immediate peers. In contrast to that, only 49% of day boarding students reported having similar feelings. Boarders in the survey said that living with their friends and attending classes together gave them a feeling of community and motivated them to complete their homework and work on a project harder by seeing another do the same.

In day schools, the top performers often get alienated from the average students. Once these students leave school, the top students follow a study schedule that remains out of the visual range of the average performers. But in hostels, these two groups of students live together. The habit of the performer is bound to spill over to the other side as both groups have a similar goal to reach. In another TABS survey, 31% of boarding school students said that living and studying with friends is the best part of their schooling.

Second, better soft skill development

Modern education brings in soft skills as vital elements of academics. And here again, 78% of boarding school students felt more confident about their non-academic skills as compared to just 36% of day school students. The reasons behind this benefit are obvious. At home, students need to exert extra effort to pursue a hobby or interest. Travel the extra distance for lessons, learn with a new group of people. But in boarding schools, the classes happen right inside the campus with the same peers that they went to class with. Once you eliminate the extra effort from the non-academic activities, students will find it easier to pursue them.

Add to that the effects of the home environment. The sibling may have a different interest. As parents, you will want to spend your free time differently. When no one except the student is taking a particular extra lesson after school, it is easy to develop an aversion. However, in boarding schools, multiple students leave the class together to pursue an extra-curricular activity. This ambiance again helps the students to work on their non-academic skills.

Lastly, access to academic resources are easier

The best school in Sonepat with a full-boarding facility will have a small classroom size. They do not need to fill up their classrooms to sustain the institution. Often, the teacher to student ratio in the top schools is kept under 20 which enables the faculty to provide personalized attention to each student. The smaller class size also allows the teachers to be experimental. They can employ new teaching methods, try out a new strategy and take feedback easily as there are fewer students to monitor. In a day school, these become difficult for obvious reasons as keeping track of new methods can go out of control.

Plus, boarding school teachers choose to live inside the campus. This puts them in a better place to help struggling students after school or on the weekends and extend additional support to performing students to shoot for the stars. The school library is within reach. Friends are always available for academic discussions. The ambiance supports education that is near impossible to replicate at home. Obviously, boarding school students go on to pursue higher studies, find better meaningful jobs and can work in a team. Staying away from the comfort of home helps their future.

Swarnprastha Public School is a top school in Sonepat with both full-boarding and Flexi-boarding facilities. Parents can choose to admit their students either as full-time boarders or just for the weekdays. SPS’s strategy is to extend the benefits of boarding school to all students, keeping the needs of parents in mind. Your child can be boarders during school days and stay with you when you are also at home on the weekends. The educational ambiance of Swarnprastha propels its students towards excellence. They naturally strive for success, learning constantly from each other by spending more time together. Boarding schools are still the best educational concept and Swarnprastha is the top name in Sonepat.


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