8 Things to Check in a School Tour

will be exposed to and then decide whether the school is right for both you and your child. Transparency will be presented to you and you must make full use of it. You must evaluate the important parameters, ask the right questions and check all the necessary aspects.

So, here is your checklist of the things you must look into during your school tour and base your decision on their outcomes. The top school will tick all and you will know it at the end of your visit.

  1. Security

This will be the first thing that will be visible to you as you enter the school’s gates. Check for the number of CCTV cameras following you combined with the security personals manning their posts. Keep your eye out for fire alarms, emergency exits, the school’s control center and so on. Even check the height of the boundary wall and the level of protection it has. Every detail is important where your child’s security is concerned.

  1. Building structure

The environment that your child is put into will affect his/her knowledge consumption. The school building must be aesthetically built to give a cheerful vibe, combined with enough open spaces to facilitate air circulation. Sunlight must enter adequately to keep the atmosphere healthy and classrooms should be spaced sufficiently to allow a silent ambiance. Evaluate such tiny details and take your time with them.

  1. Cleanliness and Maintenance

Visit as many corners as possible to check for cleanliness. You do not want to admit your child into an unhygienic environment. Ask the support staff about the frequency of cleaning and maintenance work and how many people are employed to look after the same. The top school in Sonepat will happily provide you with the details, answer every one of your queries and give you extra details if possible.

  1. Boarding facility

Take a full tour of the hostel facilities. Look into the room size, corridor dimensions, dining area and so on. The same rules of the main building infrastructures also apply here. The student to rooms ratio must be optimal, the ventilation must be proper and cleaning of every floor must be regular. Also, take note of the warden’s presence and vigilance and the hostel’s own security system.

  1. Infrastructure quality

A school may promise a lot of activities but may not have the proper facilities for the same. For instance, the same area cannot be used for both soccer and basketball. Neither can chess be played on the table-tennis setup. Check the infrastructure quality that the school is promising and go for the one with the top-notch facilities. Your child should have activity options and there cannot be any limitations.

  1. Learning philosophy

Every other aspect becomes irrelevant if the school’s learning philosophy is not sound. Teaching should be application-based, students must be allowed to experiment and the best resources must be made available. You can evaluate these by the presence of subject-specific laboratories, smart classes and a rich library. The best school in Sonepat will also have provisions for robotics and other futuristic labs to make education modern.

  1. Pedagogy

The awareness of the teachers and their teaching methods. Ask questions to the faculty members to understand their approach and inquire about how they deal with the classroom challenges. For instance, you can find out if there are provisions for one-to-one sessions for slow learners or remedial classes for special students. You may also point out your child’s uniqueness and take the teacher’s opinion.

  1. Performance history

Put in a request with the institute about the school’s performance history. How well do students fair in board exams from the institute, what measures do the teachers take leading up to the exams, awards from independent bodies and so on. The school’s authorities will be available to clear out your doubts about the school’s history and educational approach. Checking the school’s background will give you an idea about its existing benchmarks.

And this list is quite exhaustive which covers all the essential parameters. Swarnprastha Public School is one such institute that wins at every point. Their security is top-class, their facilities are modern, they maintain a green campus and the boarding infrastructure is unmatched. Be it their learning philosophy or providing international exposure, the school has every educational aspect covered. Your search really ends with such institutes that have refined their approach with every passing year and continues to do so to give your child the best. So, do take your time to find the right school and look into everything possible!


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