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Over the years, learning standards within schools have witnessed significant modifications in the delivery approach. 21st-century schooling is beyond books. More practical based learning is being adopted across the country. However, when laying a focus on the standardised education system, boarding schools are outshining in every format. They are actively promoting practical learning and that; they are transforming effective in creating inquiry-driven classrooms. Interrogation and questioning within classrooms are emerging as a culture in the top schools in Sonepat. Let’s take a look at how boarding schools are creating an inquiry-driven classroom:

  1. Project-Based Learning: Walking on the steps of the modern-day advancements, boarding schools promote dynamic learning instead of kids being deeply immersed in their books. Activity-based learning encourages students to cross-question educators and enriches their knowledge in the concerned subjects. With practical learning, the student gets the opportunity to embrace their thinking abilities. Also, through such a method of learning, the students develop a strong skillset in a competitive scenario
  2. Engaging Sessions: Kids, at times, may find books tedious, but, are fond of activities. Boarding schools keenly ensure that there is no unexciting atmosphere surrounding their students. They make sure that their students have engaged in question and answers [Q&A] activities that sustain their interest in classrooms. Such interactions between educator and student foster smart school culture and stronger relationships.
  3. Finding Connections: One of the most interesting facets of modern-day teaching exists behind the art of the educators creating a classroom enclosed with cracking miseries and beyond. The teachers engross their students’ attentiveness by identifying numerous links related to a subject. Similarly, they make their students learn about finding keys to conclude. Boarding schools are always quite certain about their standards and how they prepare their child to be future-ready
  4. Technology Tools: 21st Century education pattern is moving progressively towards technology-driven learning. At boarding schools, the teachers use technology tools like search engines and more to involve students to witness a broader aspect of a subject. This approach is perceived quite commendable in terms of increasing the interest rate of students. Interactive learning works great with technological learning processes
  5. Listen: A major factor influencing the students indulging in the inquiry-driven classrooms are about their teachers hearing out their queries and responding with attention. A teacher’s approach, here, work miracles and embrace the curiosity within students. The kids better engross with the subject after being assured their teachers are listening to their doubts. The CBSE schools in Sonepat practice these methods which further increase the curiosity amongst kids and keep their interest active in classrooms
  6. Taking time with the curriculum: Every kid requires a specific set of time to reflect upon the topic and indulge his thoughts and understandings. However, if the teacher showcases a rush in concluding the topic, a child will certainly lose sight and stay uninformed. Thus, it is equally important to provide a student with a set of time frames wherein, he can reflect on the concepts and further, raise his questions to the educator. The prime benefit of studying in boarding school relates to this point quite well. Here, the teachers are trained enough to promote inquiry-driven classrooms.

When considering the current scenario, the competition within every sector has raised exceptionally high. The top 5 schools in Sonepat ensure their students are raised under the inquiry-driven classrooms and that they are made ready with professional standards before stepping out of the school. The curiosity within students can only be identified by teachers and boarding schools have been observed doing exceptionally well in the concerned area.

Following the current concepts and technology-driven education, Swarnprastha Public School is laying a strong base for their kids. The teachers in SPS are highly qualified and trained to groom the children with industry standards. It offers a wonderful curriculum wherein, students are made to raise their questions and are taught to build a no-hesitation relationship with their educators. On the other hand, the tutors pay attention to individual students and embrace their hidden potentials. This not only boosts their motivation but also, enhances their interest in classroom learning sessions.

Although, sending your child to a boarding school is not an easy decision, but, once he enters into the learning atmosphere, the decision will prove to be the best and worth of all the efforts. 


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