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best CBSE schools in Sonepat

The CBSE board exams are the first hurdles that all students will have to cross and there is no alternative apart from acing it. Your performance here will affect your entire career and continue to determine how high you rise in your profession. It is obvious that you will have to prepare well and give your very best into the exams as you will get only one shot and there are no second chances.

To be a topper, you will have to prepare like a topper and it is a matter of a few simple tricks that will help you to ace the exams. Here are 7 tips that will be invaluable to you leading up to the boards and following this routine will never land you at the back of the line. So, read on and begin your preparations on the right note.

  1. More time is not equal to better study

And the top school in Sonepat prepares their students on these very same lines. Students, somehow, develop this notion that putting in ten to twelve hours daily will help them to prepare better and score higher. However, the reality is very different. If you study for five to six hours but with your entire attention, you will achieve the same result as you desire. The top schools preach this exact same fact wherein they encourage the students to focus in classes to minimize work at home. This way, you avoid overworking and exhausting your mind which are total disasters for important exams.

  1. Sleep is as important as studying

The extra hours that students force in each day come at the cost of their sleep. Lack of sleep starts a cycle of tiredness that continues into the exam dates and your performance reduces considerably compared to your true potential. If you do not sleep well, you will get stressed out easily, lose your focus and attention, and a subject will take longer to study than it should have. Whereas, a rested mind is focused and positive and works better at crunch situations. Remember to put in at least eight hours of sleep and there cannot be any compromises here.

  1. Plan ahead and schedule well

The best CBSE schools in Sonepat prepares their students for the board exams from the earliest possible time and makes them both mentally and academically ready to come out with flying colours. You know when you are supposed to sit for the exams and you must have any excuse for not having a plan in place. Start from the very beginning of your tenth or twelfth standard and put a schedule in place. Topping means you must have the entire syllabus covered. So, focus more on your weak points at the beginning and slowly work on your strengths. As the exam approach, revise more and avoid spending time on new topics.

  1. Practicing last years’ papers are necessary

Many students tend to focus on model test papers that sometimes deviate from the actual CBSE level. Instead, you should focus your attention on actual CBSE papers of previous years to work on your mistakes and time limits. This way, your preparation remains on course and do not put in unnecessary hours without learning something that’s not required. Model papers are okay at the beginning but as the exam draws near, focus on CBSE papers to better your subject knowledge.

  1. Multitasking is never a good idea

While it may seem intelligent to attack five subjects at the same time or mix physics with mathematics, what it actually does is divide your focus. You can always mix and match but you should never attack a history question when you are preparing for your second language. Allot specific time limits to each subject and put your entire concentration on that. Take short breaks in between two slots before starting again. Then again, avoid focusing on just one subject the entire day as this will have the tendency to choke your mind with just one kind of information.

  1. Rest days are crucial

Which every topper agrees to. No human being can work continuously for seven days a week and you will need time to recharge irrespective of the number days you have left for the exams. Free up an entire day where you will not think about the boards or studies and do anything that relaxes you. Playing a game, going to the entertainment park, spending time with your family or even catching up on your sleep, everything is allowed that will help to increase your productivity. Do not lot look at it as a lost day for it is needed to enhance your performance levels.

Swarnprastha, one of the best performing schools in Sonepat in boards, trains their students to prepare in these manners and conduct sessions to help them throughout. The teachers start early, help the students to plan and guides them to follow the best schedule. So, revamp your preparations if required and study better for the most important exams you will have to sit for. Topping is easy only if you prepare right. Good luck!

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