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Education escalates to a whole new level when the schools successfully pour the right amount of values in it. Only then can knowledge find their deserved connection to reality where students start applying their literary sense in their daily lives. Without proper values, education is just bookish where theory continues to dictate a student’s lifestyle. And it is on these very lines that the top school in Sonepat continuously invests time in building the right values among their students. Teaching happens through experiences and activities where every child has an equal exposure to build the right foundation.

Here is a list of 5 values that your child’s school must cover during his/her growing years. Very much like the standard academics, building values is also a gradual process. Every lesson mentioned here needs continuous nurturing, proper guidance and, at times, some strict rules. But the net outcome is always enlightening where the students are handed skills that often take years to develop. A combination of the following will bring about maturity in your child and complete his/her education to the best extent.

  1. Mutual respect

We ingrain the habit of respecting their elders from the very first day in our children but often miss out on the teaching of mutual respect. This value encompasses the need to respect everyone in the child’s surrounding irrespective of age, being or entity. Such a habit will develop humility, kindness and foster a caregiving nature. Students must learn to respect their peers, seniors and juniors alike, teachers, the helpers, vendors outside the school and even the trees in their school campus. Mutual respect is essential to build tolerance, something the schools can bring in with diversity.

  1. Honesty

Children, naturally, remain confused between the right and wrong while they are growing up. Their reasoning skills are not mature enough to differentiate logically. It becomes the school’s responsibility here to have a dedicated time to help their students understand the distinction and identify the acts that lead to wrong-doings. Instilling honesty among children is crucial as this value dictates a majority of their actions. The lesson can happen through story-telling or showing case studies where the students can be made aware of the consequences of dishonesty and provide them with good morals.

  1. Self-dependency

Doesn’t it seem absurd when schools have a no sharing policy? Even during regular classes when all a child needs is a pencil sharpener? Such a rule is imposed not to give the student a hard time but to make him/her self-dependent. If help is always available at hand, the child will become used to such an easy lifestyle. He/she will seldom take responsibility to pack everything that is required in a classroom and will always depend on others for things. Self-dependency is crucial in the real world and the teaching must start at the school level when the problems are not that big. The top institute in the Sonepat schools list will focus on this.

  1. Speaking up

Or to defend oneself when the need arises. A timid nature among children often receives unnecessary appreciation from the adults around which only fuels this deprecating value. Such a group will grow up to become malleable where they can be bent by other people in the easiest possible ways. Verbal self-defense, where the child can say no when something wrong is being offered, is necessary. Hence, the ability to speak up must be ingrained. Schools should encourage public speaking, ask the child to defend himself/herself by giving space and take opinions of the student at every possible instant.

  1. Accepting mistakes

And when the child commits a mistake, he/she must be taught to bear the consequences. The student must understand what he/she did was wrong, the effect it had on the victim and should have the opportunity to make up for it. Only in this way will he/she learn never to make the same mistake again and become a better person. The top 10 school in Sonepatdesigns their rules in such a way that their students always receive the right message. Shielding the children from the reaction is never the solution. Instead, he/she must take responsibility and learn the message.

The best part about all these values is that the teachings do not have to be restricted within the school premises. You can work in the same way at your home as the top schools do to instill these values. Swarnprastha Public School, hence, works closely with the students and their parents to include these teachings in their academic curriculum so that the children can grow up in the right manner. The school takes care that education is imparted in its classes and not just academics. So, work with your child’s school, give the student the gift of values and see him/her take shape.


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