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5 Reasons why International Exposure in Schools is No More an Option

No aspect of the world is localized now. Be it a product or currency, workforce or education, the international boundaries are merely physical borders. Resources are flowing in and out of countries for the global benefit and people now face the challenge to fit into such mixing cultures. Then, is it not the responsibility of the schools to prepare their students for a world that will see even more socializing? International exposure teaches students what to expect, how to behave and why to develop their personal self, as the need for global citizens is on the rise who can fit in anywhere as per the situational demands.

And for all those who still think that international exposure is still an option, that it is not a mandate for education and something students can still progress without, here are 5 undeniable reasons why the top school in Sonepat will always believe otherwise. The foresight of what is about to come will make the following pointers logical and worth pondering upon.

  1. This is a world of delegation

The time has gone when all the companies used to have massive offices and all their departments were in the same building. The modern world is entirely different. Now, companies only focus on a specific niche and delegate the other responsibilities to other firms who are experts in that area. A car manufacturer in Germany can very well use the services of an IT company in India to take care of its computer needs and this is what happens. So, if a professional is not acquainted with the international standards, how can he/she become employable at all?

  1. Cross-cultural skills will be a priority

Continuing with the above pointer, any company with the habit of delegating will always look for professionals who have supreme cross-cultural communication skills. One who can gel well with any team from any land and fit in without alienation. This can only happen when students have the right international exposure, where they are trained to build themselves, to pick up skills to survive in a culturally diverse environment. It is already a priority now and will gain more ground in the coming years when the minds from different parts of the country will accumulate to work together.

  1. The only way to beat automation

How can humans beat machines eating their jobs? By learning to control the machines and focus on skills that the robots cannot replicate. The international exposure in the best school in Sonepat is structured around service, skills, physical recreation and a discovering journey where students learn adaptability, practical abilities and interpersonal skills to help others. Machines will take over the jobs of the future but such a group of students can be ready. Their knowledge will help them to survive, their exposure will teach make them the masters. With the right training, global citizens can beat automation.

  1. Tolerance and humility

When the students learn about different cultures, they get to know about the vast well of knowledge that the entire world holds and tolerance and humility develop as inner emotions that lead to the greater good. With respect for other cultures, students can take the teachings that they have and build a diverse set of knowledge and skills that leads to better development. Plus, more exposure leads to rational thinking, the drive to help the underprivileged and creates recognition for one’s own resources. In the future, this group of students will lead the movement for sustainable development and help the whole society.

  1. Greater competition leads to higher ambitions

With the professional world becoming more demanding and competition in every field reaching sky high, it does not come as news to anyone when every corporation looks only for the best in the crowd. And can any student become the best with a limited amount of competition? Can he/she tap into the true potential within if the sky is not set as a limit? International exposure brings in this vital aspect where students get to test their abilities in a broader field, compare themselves with a greater number of peers and set higher ambitions. This is how they can become the best in what they want to do and reach ultimate levels of success.

The cream among all the CBSE schools in Sonepat will identify with all these reasons and Swarnprastha Public School fall rightly in that group. This institute has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award where participating students gain the crucial life skills that are necessary for the current age. SPS also has international standard facilities in its campus to provide the students with all the resources, help them to develop futuristic knowledge and bring out the global citizen in them. International exposure completes education. It is not an option and never will be.


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