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5 Questions You Must Ask Your Child’s Teacher Every Month

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Child’s Teacher Every Month

It really does not need any scientific research to validate the benefits a student will have when his/her parents work in tandem with the school teachers. As a parent, you will always be the child’s first educator. The teachers come in to aid his/her academic growth. When both the influences come together, only then can the child’s development be proper. The teachings and lessons of the school must continue at home and one cannot be disruptive of the other.

Thus, the best schools in Sonepat always provide space for their parents to get involved. And you must use this facility to collect all the necessary feedback about your child to help his/her education properly. Make it a point to get in touch with your child’s teacher, every month if possible, and ask her the following set of 5 questions depending on your situational priority.

  1. How is my child performing in class?

The motive here is to find out if the student’s performance has dipped or escalated. In case your child is performing, try to pinpoint the exact circumstances that led to this and maintain those in your house. Maybe you took a weekend trip or spent some time together as a family. All these can rest your child and he/she can return rejuvenated to school. However, if there is a fall, this will require you to brainstorm the reason with the teacher and address it before further escalation. Here, counseling the child is a good option by providing him/her the space to express the pent-up emotions.

  1. What learning model does my child respond to?

The top CBSE school in Sonepat will usually employ a variety of learning models in its classrooms to accommodate all the unique needs of the students. The teacher will definitely keep track of the model that your child finds favorable and you should apply the same at home. For instance, if your child is a kinaesthetic learner who studies best with models, you can make it a point to arrange for more model-oriented displays in the child’s room. Some children even learn from games and there is indeed no point in keeping your child away from the gadgets if he/she is one as well. You can get the awareness from the teacher.

  1. Do you have any concern regarding my child?

Having an open mind and listening to the teacher’s concern regarding your child will give you another perspective of what might be going wrong. The teachers will do the same with you as well since it is not possible to keep an eye on every situation that is happening around your child. This way, you will have another caring adult to discuss your child with, eliminate the issue and move on to give the student a better environment. The concern can be educational, behavioral, or simply concentration problems, but the teacher’s opinion will help you to identify and validate the matter and take conscious steps.

  1. How can I help my child’s education at home?

The teachers in the best school in Sonepat are experts in their respective areas. And it will do you and your child a lot of good if you sit down to take advice from the educators. They can guide you to manage your lessons with your child to complement the classroom education and provide the exact amount of help to the student so that he/she does not become overly dependent. You can also expect insights like what type of book to read to your child at night, what are his/her preferred leisure activities and how you can pitch in with homework to enhance the child’s performance. When the expertise is available, you must take it.

  1. What activities does my child take part in?

It may not seem like a question that you ask your child’s teacher every month, but you should keep track by varying the question as per the need of the hour. A student’s interest from one activity can quickly shift to another and if you remain unaware about it, you may end up forcing that task upon your child where he/she just lost interest. Discuss with the teacher to understand whether your child shows any interest in extra-curricular activities at all. If he/she does, what is the combination like and whether the child has any passion for them? The point is to keep the student away from becoming overwhelmed and help to keep focus.

Swarnprastha Public School is one such institute who believes in engaging their parents up to the very limit. The teachers are always available in their full capacity to collaborate and together contribute to the student’s growth. Play your part, be aware of your child’s education and help the child to progress in the right way with all the assistance available from the teachers.


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