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You will naturally want your child to go to the top school in Sonepat and receive the best form of education. But with every other institute claiming to feature in that list, it does become confusing to single out the true best. All schools claim to have all the resources on paper, but you will have to critically analyse who is actually living up to the promises that they are making. Simple internet connectivity does not make a school modern, having a sports field does not mean your child will get physical activity. You must inspect, ask questions and only then sign the admission forms.

Here is a list of the top 5 questions that you can ask a school’s management during your campus visit. The answers to these will enough to clear your judgement about the school’s educational capabilities. The top institutes will readily clear your doubts, show you their infrastructure as proof and often present past records wherever relevant to display their expertise.

  1. What is your school’s educational philosophy?

This must always be your first question, the answer to which will decide whether you should keep digging. The brochure or the website may already contain the information but you must ask the question anyway to clear out if the management understands what they have written. You will get to know exactly what academic environment are you about to enroll your child, how he/she will learn and what will he/she become at the end of the schooling phase. The school’s philosophy must match your ideals and expectations, and then you can move on to the next questions.

  1. How do you evaluate your student’s performance?

The best school in Sonepat will always identify the unique nature of every student and “regular examinations” will never be their answer. Expect the evaluation process to involve a range of academic and non-academic activities with thorough consideration of a student’s ability to indulge in sports and arts. The marking scheme will give fair weight to the individual topics so that it radiates encouragement more than competition. Ask the teachers how they find out a student’s abilities and how do they incorporate them to the grading system.

  1. Do your teachers receive professional development training?

Most schools will be taken aback by this question but not the top ones. You will know that an institution is right for your child when its management invests heavily on the faculty members. The school will show you records of the regular events they conduct for their teachers, workshops to help them improve their teaching techniques and provide materials to understand student psychology better. The sessions may be customised based on grades, subjects or expertise and there will even be room for mutual interaction and benefits. Such an image is always good for your child.

  1. What is the student to teacher ratio in your school?

You can be even more specific, “How many students are there in each class?”. Look for a low number here where every teacher is allotted a maximum of twenty students. The number may increase a bit with higher classes but kindergarten and primary levels must have a low ratio. This will ensure that your child receives full attention as much as possible, teachers are aware of the happenings of their classroom and no one is overburdened with too much responsibility. A small classroom is less chaotic, education finds its proper place and learning progresses.

  1. How involved are the parents in your curriculum?

The top schools in Sonepat will never keep the parents in the dark regarding their children’s whereabouts, be it physical or academic. Such management will tell you about the regular joint and individual parent-teachers meetings, the freedom you will have to request an appointment and how or when the class teacher will contact you as and when necessary. Many schools will go a step ahead to provide you with mobile phone apps that will send you full information about the school and your child into your phones and you will always be updated without extra hassles. You must look for such transparency in communication.

And if the school you are opting for is a boarding one, more important questions can come up regarding flexible timings, residential facilities and the hygiene around. Swarnprastha Public School is one such institute in Sonepat who will always give you satisfactory answers to all your questions. Their educational philosophy is bound to match yours, their teachers are experts in their trade and the infrastructure is unparalleled. Finding the right school for your child is a herculean task and the campus visit is often your best shot to decide. Take your time to frame the right questions and make an informed decision.



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