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As a teacher, your responsibilities are certainly going to the crucial. To create a safe and healthy classroom atmosphere where the students are able to communicate with confidence is the ultimate objective. It will help to shape the student perspective in a new way and prepare them for the forthcoming journey of life. One of the most commonly faced problems of the student-teacher relationship is that the perspective of the former isn’t given the due importance. This can be troublesome in the future and also act as a barrier for the student to express freely in class. That is why the best school in Panipat go an extra mile to give a proper space to the student’s perspective in class.

Here’s how:

  1. Assess requirements individually- The most crucial struggle for a teacher is to pay equal amount of attention to all the students of the class. As a result of this, there are some students who lack behind and fail to put forward their point in front of everyone. That is why it is absolutely necessary for the teacher to try their best in addressing the requirements of the students individually. Each student will have their own perspective regarding a given situation pertaining to the syllabus or not. Making an effort to communicate with the student to understand their perspective is going to help them grow and be more assertive. Not to mention, but it will also strengthen the student-teacher relationship.
  2. Notion of choice: As a student, it is very important for him/her that they are not restricted to a set of rules and regulations that would curb their expression. Certainly, rules are an intrinsic part of school and students are required to respect that but the role of a teacher lies in respecting the choice of a student and giving them one wherever it is required or possible. They need to understand that it’s not a rigid system under which they’re bound which suggests no growth. Growing opportunity comes from when there is mutual respect for the choices of each party. Speaking of choice, it is, by no means, meant to give the students a free will to do absolutely what they want, thus disrupting the code of conduct. It is simply giving them a choice, a platform to keep their opinions on the table and giving them due importance.
  3. Classroom consistency: To begin with, it is important to understand that consistency does not refer to rigidity. While the rules and regulations are clear, there must be room for negotiation too. For instance, there’s a saying that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. As a teacher, it is only fair to give the students occasional breaks and conduct fun activities to keep them interested. Classroom consistency is of utmost importance and personal organization is the key to a successful learning process but for an all-round development, it’s important to nourish the free-thinking spirit of the students.
  4. Maintaining a balance between challenging and opposing: Challenging the students to help them grow and work on their skills is something very useful in the long run. But often the fine line between challenging and vehemently opposing isn’t realised. That is where the mistake happens. In order to give a healthy space to the student perspective, the latter must be completely avoided. This can have a number of negative impacts like affecting the confidence level of the students and shutting them off from speaking further in class. However, if you create a healthy ambience where students are challenged with a creative spirit it will only make room for a more productive discussion that will certainly interest everyone.

These 4 techniques are a sure-fire way to make a healthy space for students where their perspectives are valued. The most important thing is to make them understand that their contribution matters in the classroom and that’s what it’s all about.

The high-qualified and efficient teachers of Swarnprastha Public School will be best the guide and philosophers of the students. Their objective is to understand each student better to deal with them separately. Swarnprastha Public School is an affordable boarding school in India that has created a communicative atmosphere where students are offered the best infrastructural facilities which will only help them excel in the future. The modern world is full of complexities that require talent to be taken over. SPS will provide special training to your children to enhance their skills and emerge as confident beings to deal with their hurdles. That’s why Swarnprastha Public School ranks first in the top boarding school in north India.

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